Flowing Indoor – Outdoor Living

Here, flowing – Indoor Outdoor Living – is the first set of eight. Eight different sets have two things in common. Each scenario includes a photo canvas print and a pair of printed throw pillow designs by KBM D3signs. The stretched canvas shows a photo of a freshly hatched Monarch Butterfly nectar suckling on a blossoming swan plant. Meanwhile, the two pillows show an abstract design based on the butterfly’s wings.

8 Ideas of Interior Living Environs

The eight decor ideas for living environs explore the versatility of the Monarch butterfly design.

  1. Flowing Indoor – Outdoor Living
  2. Minimalist Living in Earthen Tones
  3. Patio Living
  4. Industrial Loft
  5. City Living
  6. Suburban Living
  7. Cottage Living
  8. Spacious Loft
Flowing Indoors - Outdoors Living

Seamless Indoor Living – Outdoor Living

As a result, large folding patio doors separate indoor living from outdoor living. Though the large window surfaces secure the impression of the surrounding bush becoming part of the living room. Then the unhindered flow from indoor to outdoor living and vice versa becomes a living room feature.

In that case, light natural colors and natural materials support the natural ambiance. Interiors exhibit a white sofa, a white-washed wooden table on a natural jute rug, and a minimalist architectural wooden hanging lamp accented by pillows with the Monarch butterfly design and the butterfly print. More about Monarch Butterfly Designs.

Print and throw pillows are available at www.zazzle.com in the collection ‘Monarch Butterfly – Home’. As a classic print-on-demand product, the design template allows replacing the orange color to simply make it work with your personal color scheme. The beauty of the design idea stays intact and reminds us of the wing markings of the Monarch butterfly.