Dreamy Cottage Living And Monarch Butterfly Decor

A mood board that explores a dreamy cottage living style with Monarch butterfly decoration. The vintage-style living room comes to life with a grey-green two-seater and dark varnished wooden furniture. As can be seen, the accessories that pick up the Monarch butterfly theme and an abstract design of a wing pattern.

Dreamy Cottage Living
Dreamy Cottage Living

Flashbacks – Dreamy Cottage Living

With the decor idea, of Dreamy Cottage Living, flashbacks of childhood memories come to life.  My family spent peaceful weekends in a dreamy cottage close to a stream in the middle of a forest. And waking up at daybreak to the soothing sounds of water meandering by, and the birds chirping started a new day.  Altogether these memories left love for furniture from times gone by and mixing these up with modern elements.

The moss green settee and the dark wooden sideboard and coffee table are accentuated with throw cushions and a tripod table light showing an abstract wing design print. Please find the complementing home decor collection at Zazzle. Read more about the  Monarch Butterfly Designs and how it surfaced.

8 Ideas of Interior Living Environs

The eight decor ideas for living environs explore the versatility of the Monarch butterfly design.

  1. Flowing Indoor – Outdoor Living
  2. Minimalist Living in Earthen Tones
  3. Patio Living
  4. Industrial Loft
  5. City Living
  6. Suburban Living
  7. Cottage Living
  8. Spacious Loft