Stylish Industrial Loft Living And Abstract Monarch Butterfly Wing Design

A stylish industrial loft living home decor is complemented by a Monarch butterfly wall hanging and butterfly wing design accessories. The abstract wing pattern even allows for modification of the fill color. Like this, it is easy to match the color to your living color scheme.

Industrial Loft Living

 Spacious Industrial Loft Living In Wood And Brick

A homely feel comes across from the spacious industrial loft. It shows a bared wooden roof construction with visible piping of air conditioning. In support of the warm feel a rustic brick wall and honey-colored polished wood flooring complete the space.

Despite high ceilings and an industrial ambiance, the loft vibrates a warming mood vibe.  The mood board is complemented with a spring green sofa, a large floral printed area rug, and a black layered coffee table. Playful accents come through the Monarch Butterfly print and the abstract Monarch wing printed throw cushions from the home decor collection at Zazzle.

8 Ideas of Interior Living Environs

The eight decor ideas for living environs explore the versatility of the Monarch butterfly design.

  1. Flowing Indoor – Outdoor Living
  2. Minimalist Living in Earthen Tones
  3. Patio Living
  4. Industrial Loft
  5. City Living
  6. Suburban Living
  7. Cottage Living
  8. Spacious Loft