The Courage Message Interwoven Into A Multilingual And Multi Font Forms The Typography Repeat Pattern

Find the courage message interwoven into a multilingual and multi-font typography repeat pattern for wall decor and home decor. Additional languages included are the Maori – maia, Dutch – moed, German – Mut, Spanish – coraje, Italian – coraggio, Samoan – lototele, Croatian – hrabrost, Zulu – isibindi, Irish – misneach, Filipino – lakas ng loob.

Home decor and wall decor show the motivational message. The wall decor, however, has an added advantage. It allows a custom picture to mask the pattern. Among the remaining home decor items displaying the pattern design are square, round, and oblong throw pillows, comforters as cubes, or round in shape in addition to blankets and trinkets.

Four Courage Living Rooms

  1. Merging modern and rustic with black and white pillows
  2. Traditional home decor in khaki with orange accents
  3. Feminine living room decor in turquoise and pink
  4. Vintage decor in mauve and yellow

What Does The Word Courage Express?

According to Merriam-Webster Dictionary: the word courage expresses mental or moral strength to venture, withstand, and persevere fear, difficulty, or danger. Courage also means mental or moral strength to resist opposition, danger, or hardship. It also suggests firmness of mind and will in the face of danger or extreme difficulty.

A Chinese Proverb To Sum It Up Nicely

“From caring comes courage.”

Lao Tzu

How To Add A Personal Note To Courage Decor?

You can achieve this task easily.

How To Personalize Wall Decor?

The typography design comes as a template. Exchange the existing picture in the placeholder, and voilà your picture masks the pattern and shines through the courage type. Follow the – Customize further -text link to alter the fill color.

Can I customize the color in home accessories?


On the product page, follow the text link – Customize further. Once there, use either the color picker or enter a Hex code. Consequently, the pattern shows in either black or white and the color selected. Alternatively, the modified color shows the typographic pattern design lightened or subdued. Click through for step-by-step instructions.

How To Pick A Color Palette To Match Photo Art And Home Accessories?

Coolors has a fantastic app to do just this. If you require hands-on help for product customization, expansion, or you would like a custom design, then contact us directly on Telegram