Splatter Art: A Fun and Colorful Way to Express Yourself

Emulating splattered art, with its inherent spontaneity and vibrancy, lends itself beautifully to home decor. Whether you’re young or young at heart, splatter art prints offer an engaging and visually captivating way to adorn your walls.

In this article, we showcase a digitally crafted rendition of this abstract art style. We invite you to unleash your inner artist by experimenting with creative possibilities. You can achieve this by either altering the fill color or employing a color palette to re-imagine up to six hues.

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Set of 4 Art Prints, What is Their Magic to Enchant Your Living Space?

A set of 4 art prints holds the magic to enchant your space. A set is a wonderful way to add style, cohesiveness and visual interest to a room. Here are some of the highlights and benefits of using a set of four art prints in your decor:

four panels unfurling fern frond swirls from orange-brown to bronze, rosy-brown, and silver blush with a set of two typography patterned pillows in orange and white
Four Horizontally Lined Koru Art Print Panels & Love Typography Pillow Set

Aesthetic Cohesion

A carefully curated set of four art prints typically works together as a unified collection. This cohesion brings a harmonious and balanced look to your space, creating a sense of completeness and order.

A Set of 4 Art Prints Creates a Clear Focal Point

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9 Black And White Wall Decoration Ideas For The Living Room

Black and white wall decoration for your living room is a timeless and stylish color scheme to consider. The contrasting tones of black and white create a bold and sophisticated look that can enhance the overall ambiance of your space. In this article, we will explore several ideas for black and white wall decorations that can enhance the visual appeal of your living room.

Nine Examples of Black and White Wall Decorations Are Divided into Five Subcategories


A quad or four-panel abstract landscape can serve as an intriguing focal point on a gray wall. Here it hangs above a red two-seater and is accented with black, white, and red cushions. The combination creates a striking visual contrast.

Torn Abstract Landscape, Black and White
Torn Abstract Landscape
Motivational Artwork
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Vibrant Orange Wall Art Prints to Energize Your Space

Orange wall art adds a splash of color and personality to your home. Choose from bold abstract designs, nature-inspired prints, or customizable options. Incorporating orange into your wall art can create a visually captivating focal point.

In this article, we’ll in specifically explore creative ideas for implementing orange wall art in your living space to add warmth and style to your home.

Make a Statement with Contemporary Orange Wall Art

Infuse your space with a contemporary and artistic flair by adorning your walls with abstract wall art prints featuring orange as the leading color. These bold and expressive artworks can inject energy into any room.

Black, white and orange home, and black and orange home decor

Consider opting for a large canvas print with vibrant orange hues and an intriguing motif, such as “Three Jumping Dolphins” by KBM D3signs. This captivating centerpiece will draw the eye and spark engaging conversations.

Embrace Nature with Three Orange Prints

Bring the beauty of nature indoors by incorporating orange prints into your wall decor. Three different approaches can be taken:

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Black and Green Wall Art to Enhance Your Home Decor

Black and green wall art offers a unique and captivating aesthetic that can transform the ambiance of any room. Combining the elegance and versatility of black with the freshness and vibrancy of green creates a visually striking and harmonious composition. In this article, we will explore creative ideas for implementing black and green wall decor in your home, adding a touch of sophistication and natural beauty to your living space.

Choosing the Right Black and Green Wall Art

When incorporating black and green artwork into your home decor, start by choosing the perfect piece for your space. Consider a variety of art mediums, such as paintings, prints or photographs, that feature a predominantly black and green color palette. Look for pieces that evoke emotion and resonate with your personal style, whether it’s abstract, botanical or minimalist.

Four Green Wall Decorations to Spark Your Creative Streak

Each of the three examples is a template and is completed with a cushion. Template in this case means that the underlying photos and text serve as placeholders for you to customize. Both the wall and accent decors take this a step further by allowing you to change the overall color scheme.

Black, white and, green in a cool tones sets the accents in this stylish home decor with wall art and a throw pillow
Black, White, and Green Home Decor

First, the background shows a moss-green wall with a pale green chair. A black-and-white striped area rug ties the decor together. Reinvent yourself! is the chosen poster showing a chrysalis framed by a multilingual courage pattern. The throw pillow picks up on the three colors and mirrors the circular shape that appears in the poster.

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Black and Red Wall Art to Achieve a Bold and Striking Home Decor

Black and red wall art uses bold and captivating colors that can add a sense of drama, elegance, and sophistication to any space. When it comes to wall art, combining these two hues creates a visually striking and bold statement. In this article, however, we will explore the appeal of black and red wall art and provide you with inspiring ideas for incorporating it into your home decor.

Black and Red Wall Decor by KBM D3signs

Here is a selection of artworks by KBM d3signs that shine in a variety of settings.

Find Your Passion poster meets red pillows
Find Your Passion! Poster Meets Pillows
  • Find Your Passion! features a red Firebird detail that enhances the space on a pale wall above a black leather sofa with throw pillows that echo the color palette and emotion of Love in a typographic pattern.
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The Allure of Black and Blue Wall Art That Enhances Home Aesthetics

Black and blue wall art has emerged as a captivating trend in home decor, revolutionizing the way we style our living spaces. The unique combination of these two striking colors creates a harmonious and visually stunning atmosphere. From abstract to intricate, black and blue art offers endless possibilities for adding depth, sophistication and character to any space. This article explores its captivating appeal and how it can enhance the ambiance of your home.

Unleashing the Power of Contrast with Black and Blue Wall Art

Black and blue together create a powerful contrast that captivates the eye. This dynamic duo allows for an elegant play that adds depth and dimension to your walls. Whether you choose a large canvas or poster print, a series of two or smaller artworks, or a collage, the interplay of black and blue creates an intriguing focal point that instantly draws attention.

Black white and blue splatter art meet throw pillows

KBM D3signs’ featured artwork even invites you to get creative by editing the fill color to achieve your favorite shade of blue. This is possible in the first splatter art prints. The result is your favorite shade of blue spilling over the print, mimicking a black and white framed painting.

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Black And White Beach Art Meets A Set Of 2 Pillows

Throughout black and white beach art, the artwork pairs each with a set of two throw pillows in different pattern designs and in black and white.

The art reflects the experience of the last summer vacation, including beach, summer, sun and water activities, forgotten sandals, and lost glasses that the sea carried to shore. Each of the experiences allowed the artwork to tell a story.

Enjoy the mood boards as a creative starting point.

Black And White Beach Art, Abstract
Black And White Beach Art, Abstract, Black And White Pillows

In black and white, a peaceful beach appears at sunset, and the surf gently sweeps around a sea shell. The accompanying pillow pair shows a geometric nested box pattern. One of the pillows appears as a diamond pattern design, while the second shows four quarters that meet in the center.

Beach Wall Decor

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Brown And White Pillows Meet Landscape Photographs

Here, brown and white pillows accessorize ten landscape photographs.

All throw pillow patterns and photo posters complement each other in color and expression.

Throw Pillow Surface Pattern in Brown and White

  1. Torn surface pattern
  2. Wicker pattern
  3. Shell pattern
  4. Large Wicker pattern
  5. Wavy stripes pattern
  6. Ethnic triangle pattern
  7. Nested circle pattern
  8. Minimalist circle pattern
  9. Nested box spiral pattern
  10. Nested angular pattern

Torn Surface Pattern

Swamp Landscape Photo Print and a brown and white pillow in the torn pattern
Torn Pattern
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