Decorate With Coastal Art Prints by Lincoln Seligman

Serene coastal art prints by Lincoln Seligman become the center of the following living room decor ideas. 

Selected artworks captivate at first sight and make exceptional modern wall decor, so it became our goal to complement each beach-themed wall hanging with a pillow design by KBM D3signs. Please feel free to comment and let us know what you think about the outcome.

Eight Coastal Art Prints By Lincoln Seligman Meet Pillows By KBM D3signs
8 patterns complement 8 coastal art prints by Lincoln Seligman

In response to the dominant color range in the paintings, the selected pillow colorations showcase the colors of the coast. The tint of blue, sea-green, purple, grey, and turquoise, while yellow and pink appear in moderation.

Who is Lincoln Seligman?

Born in 1950, the British artist Lincoln Seligman is a sculptor and painter. 

Meanwhile, he is likely best known for his large-scale sculptures and installations. Worldwide modern landmark buildings display them in their atriums.

The following YouTube clip shows Lincoln Seligman supervising the installation – Suspence Two. It is a pair of large-scale paintings. However, these consist of smaller panels that required assembly at the location of the display. In this example, it is in the City Plaza in Hong Kong. 

Suspense Two By Lincoln Seligman, Hong Kong, City Plaza

Eight Coastal Art Prints Meet Eight Different Pillow Pattern Designs

Art print Fishermen's Dugout Kilifi by Lincoln Seligman and one grey and one blue pillow with spiral box pattern by KBM D3signs
Fishermen’s Dugout Kilifi, blue and grey pillows

Fishermen’s Dugout Kilifi recounts the period at low tide when the small fisher boats lie stranded on the shore. The artwork displays a masterful use of light and shadow. It gives the painting a breath of life, despite the dominant hues of sandy-grey and dullish steel grey. The pillows selected have the colors dark blue and light sandy-grey to accessorize a room with otherwise white shades. Both throw pillows have a spiral box pattern in a lighter tone of their color.

Art print Banana Palms by Lincoln Seligman and one pink and one blue pillow with Monarch Butterfly pattern by KBM D3signs
Banana Palms, pink and blue pillows

Banana Palms, the painting shows the view through a pink doorway through lining banana palms towards the deep-blue sea. A pillow pair in pink and blue accent the white couch. Both pillows show a Monarch Butterfly abstract.

Art print Red Beach Flag Storm Warning by Lincoln Seligman and one turquoise and one blue pillow with layered pattern by KBM D3signs
Red Beach Flag Storm Warning, turquoise and blue pillows

Red Beach Flag -Storm Warning, the artwork perfectly captures the light when the cloud grows dense, but the sun is still there. The moment a storm starts brewing and the red storm warning flag is up. The coastal art print decorates an off-white room and armchair with turquoise and purple-blue accent pillows. Both square pillows show the layered pattern design.

Art print Beach Umbrellas by Lincoln Seligman and one grey and one blue pillow with nested box pattern by KBM D3signs
Beach Umbrellas, blue and grey pillows

Beach Umbrellas, the painting shows the still peaceful morning hours at the beach before the beach umbrellas unfold to spend shadow for visiting holiday guests. The room decor captures a holiday mood with rattan furniture in dark brown. One blue and white, in addition to one grey pillow with an angular pattern, decorate the armchair.

Human Activity In The Coastal Art Prints

Art print Girl on Beach by Lincoln Seligman and one purple and one blue pillow with triangle pattern by KBM D3signs
Girl On The Beach, blue and purple pillows

Girl On The Beach, here the painter captures a light-hearted summer scene with a girl in a white dress that buoyantly flutters in the wind. The room has a feminine pale purple feature wall. On the white couch, round and square pillows set accents in blue and lilac.

Boy on Bicycle art print by Lincoln Seligman and one yellow and one turquoise pillow with fragmented circle pattern by KBM D3signs
Boy On Bicycle, turquoise and yellow pillow

Boy On Bicycle, the painter captures the bliss of riding a bike there just where the turquoise water sweeps the sun-drenched beach. A pale yellow couch furnishes the sunny room and shows yellow and turquoise accent pillows. Each decorative pillow has a fragmented circle pattern.

In Search Of Shade
Beach Tents Brittany art print by Lincoln Segman and one brown and one blue pillow with stripes and checkers pattern by KBM D3signs
Beach Tents Brittany, blue and brown pillows

Beach Tents Brittany is a painting that shows a row of striped beach tents set against a deep blue sky casting long shadows. The art print hangs above a modern armchair in the blue of the sky. Meanwhile, a blue and a brown throw pillow set the accent. Both pillow patterns have stripes and checker patterns.

Beach Tent, blue and green pillows

Beach Tent is a piece of art where the painter seemingly depicts noon. The blue and the sand colorations are exuberant in the intensity of the sun. The painting hangs on a pale-blue walled room with whitish furnishings. A green and blue pillow decorate a white armchair. In both instances, the cornered pattern shows.

What makes the pillow pattern designs by KBM D3signs stand out?

Each of the displayed throw pillow patterns is part of a pattern collection at the Zazzle store FallForIt. There, coordinating products with the pillow pattern include square, round and oblong cushions, round and cube-shaped comforters, and blankets. Variations within the collection show ten hues in addition to differences in pattern placements. In addition, many of the patterns have a light or subdued variant alongside a black or white one contrasting the customizable fill color.

Altogether, this feature, altogether, permits you to duplicate an existing home decor color or create a new color scheme that supports your decoration idea.

This feature, altogether, permits you to duplicate an existing home decor color or add to a new color scheme to support your decor ideas.

For instructions on how to revise the fill color, please follow the links here: desktop devices or mobile devices. If you require hands-on help or you would like a custom design contact us directly on Telegram

At KBM D3signs, we love feedback, so please feel free to post your color and decor idea.

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