Animal Print Wall Decor And Hexagon Patterned Pillows To Refresh Your Living-room

In particular, matching animal print wall decor with hexagon-patterned throw pillows is at the center of attention within the home decor explorations. It is equally important to create a stylish and modern living room environment.

wildlife animal photography complemented by pillows with hexagon pattern
Hexagon-patterned pillows complement animal photo wall decor

Eight Captivating Animal Photography Lead The Living-room Decor

  1. Beautiful butterfly in black and white with yellow accents
  2. Cool look in red-orange and grey staring at the bird Carolina Chickadee
  3. Autumn vibe in green and yellow surrounding the red Northern Cardinal
  4. Brown and turquoise contrast with a waiting Lagotto Romagnolo
  5. Black and yellow Western Tiger Swallowtail butterfly feeding on a purple Iris
  6. A red-spotted purple-blue butterfly feeds on an orange flower 
  7. On a purple thistle-feeding Hummingbird against a deep blue summer sky
  8. A transparent-winged butterfly feeds on purple blossoms

Decorate With Bird Photos And A Dog Photography

Hummingbird photography poster and pillows with hexagon pattern in blue and purple
Feeding Hummingbird, blue and purple pillows

Bring summer into a living room with the bird photo of a Hummingbird feeding on a purple thistle blossom and set against an intensely blue summer sky. The photo decor hangs above a blue sofa that works particularly well with blue and purple accent pillows.

Carolina Chickadee photography poster and pillows with hexagon pattern in grey and orange
Carolina Chickadee, orange and grey pillows

A surprisingly stylish yet usually conservative look comes about starring the bird Carolina Chickadee. The bird photography focuses on the black, white, and grey bird sitting on a twig of a leaf-bared autumn tree with red fruit and blurry grey-green background. The photo print decorates a white wall above a red couch accessorized with grey and orange pillows.

Northern Cardinal photography poster and pillows with hexagon pattern in yellow and red
Northern Cardinal, yellow and red pillows

The bird photography of the red Northern Cardinal has an autumn vibe with green leaves turning yellow surrounding it. On a white wall, the wall decor catches the eye. A solid dark grey armchair shows accents in red and yellow with pillows that show a hexagon pattern.

Lagotto Romagnolo photography poster and pillows with hexagon pattern in turquoise and brown
Lagotto Romagnolo, turquoise and brown pillows

Lagotto Romagnolo is the photograph of a brown dog sitting and waiting in front of the turquoise-painted door of a brown house. The color contrast puts an eye-stopper onto a white wall and is inspired to accessorize a white armchair with a turquoise and a brown hexagon patterned throw pillow.

Beautiful Butterfly Photo Prints Are Perfect Animal Print Wall Decor

Butterfly photography poster and pillows with hexagon pattern in yellow white and yellow black
Butterfly poster, yellow hexagon patterned pillows

Notably, a minimalist butterfly photo with its background reduced to white emphasizes the flying insect in black and white with yellow accents and resting on a green grass leaf. Hanging on a teal green wall gives the photo print a complementary frame. And two throw pillows with large hexagon prints, one in white and yellow and one in black and yellow, accessorize a medium-grey armchair.

Western Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly photography poster and pillows with hexagon pattern in yellow
Western Tiger Swallowtail butterfly, yellow pillows

A butterfly photo instantly sparks a summer mood. In this case, it is a black and yellow Western Tiger Swallowtail. Here the insect feeds on a purple Iris. The butterfly decorates a white wall above a purple-blue two-seater while decorated with honeycomb-patterned yellow pillows.

Red spotted butterfly photography poster and pillows with hexagon pattern in orange and green
Red-spotted butterfly, orange and green pillows

Surprisingly beautiful, the insect photo with a red-spotted purple-blue butterfly feeding on an orange bloom with a blurring green background. It is a perfect summer scene that decorates a yellow-green wall aside from a contemporary-styled white armchair accented with hexagon-patterned pillows in orange and green.

Butterfly photography poster and pillows with hexagon pattern in grey and pink
Butterfly photography, pink and grey pillows

Soft pink and grey hues in carpet and furnishings support a feminine style. In this case, pillows in coordinating colors match them. The animal print wall decor of a transparent butterfly feeding on pale lilac blossoms spruces up the home decor.

What makes the hexagon pattern designs by KBM D3signs stand out?

After all, a honeycomb sparked the idea of the hexagon pattern. Altogether, there are ten hues readily available in the Zazzle store FallForIt. Zazzle is explicitly a print-on-demand platform we use to publish color-customizable patterns. Markedly the Zazzle tools allow modifying the fill color to match existing accent colors when using a pattern by KBM D3signs. To put it differently, you can create a color scheme for your new home decoration project.

Additionally, within the collection of the honeycomb pattern, you find more coordinated products. These altogether include round and oblong pillows, round and cube-shaped comforters, and blankets. Significantly each of the ten hues displays varying pattern sizes. Further, the pattern has a light or subdued variant alongside a black or white contrasting the customizable fill color.

For further instructions on revising the fill color, follow the links: desktop devices or mobile devices. If you require in-detail help or you would like a custom design contact us directly on Telegram

At KBM D3signs, we love feedback, so please feel free to post your color and decor idea.