Red And Blue Pillows Meet Art By Vladyslava Mounassir

Red and blue pillows meet modern red and blue wall art prints by Vladyslava Mounassir.

Vladyslava Mounassir is a creator at Zazzle and designs for the store SimplEasy.

All selected posters pair each in one of the nine mood boards with throw pillows in one of nine surface pattern designs by KBM D3signs.

Nine Sets Of Two Pillows In Red & Blue Complement Modern Red & Blue Art

Abstract Modern Art Meets Red And Blue Pillows
Single Rose Patterned Red And Blue Pillows
  1. A single stylized rose decorates the blue and the red throw pillow. And modern artwork in grey-blue and red, a fascinating fire-like creation of ink and alcohol, completes the living room decor.

2. Multilingual courage is the typography pattern shown on the second set of pillows in red and blue with the lettering in white. The modern poster print comes in the primary colors red, yellow, and blue. All the colors mix ultimately, with white and each other.

3. A bold red and blue layered lines pattern depicts the pillows in the third mood board. The energetic piece of art shows an abstract poster in blue, red, and yellow with a strong directional flow and complements the decor.

4. Express and affirm love with the set of two typography-patterned throw pillows in the fourth example. Here, the modern poster shows colored blocks that partially merge into each other.

5. The nested box and diamond accent pillows have their base in geometric squares. Both pillow surface patterns contrast with the modern fluid ink and alcohol poster.

6. Monarch butterfly pillows in red and blue complement a modern art poster. The poster shows a straight vertical movement, where the blue and red colors collide and mingle.

7. Two minimalist pillows show a centered circle. One pillow comes in red and one in blue. Each centered full-circle shape has nested curved lines toward the top and bottom border. The accompanying art poster reminds here strongly of the bubbles formed in hot pools. It is an impression achieved by the colors red and blue bubbling into each other.

8. Wavy stripes, shown on red and blue colored throw pillows, complement the modern art poster. The abstract poster reminds altogether of the stirring together of red and blue colors into black color.

9. Here, the angular patterned accent pillows in red and blue complement a tri-colored abstract artwork. The wall art has a strong resemblance to the French flag, the Tricolore. An effect strengthened through the white, red, and blue marble effect with its linear flow and moderate mixing.

Red And Blue Wall Art By Vladyslava Mounassir

KBM D3signs chose nine beautiful artworks out of a comprehensive collection. The main intent of the mood boards was to complement the art with surface pattern designs by KBM D3signs. Leave us a comment on how you liked the selection. Do the art posters fascinate you? Then visit the artist’s complete collection.

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Can I Personalize The Pillow Color?

Yes, you can personalize the red and blue pillows by following the – Edit using design tool and altering the fill color. As a result the pillow shows in your selected color with, a black, white, lightened, or subdued pattern.

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