Budget Wedding, Transform It Into a Perfect Day

Budget wedding, words that raise immediate feelings of being cheap an emotion in contradiction to a  perfect wedding day. A day that should evoke feelings of being valued. The best outcome is a wedding day perfectly tailored to what you value most. What if you could achieve this within budget and promoting a favorable new beginning to your new life chapter as Mr. & Mrs.

Tackle the big task and plan a wedding by using the free budget template created by KBMD3signs. Stay on top of all the wedding costs and plan a perfect wedding day.

Consider The Free Wedding Budget Template to Evaluate Event Costs

The wedding budget template is available as a downloadable PDF file, or as a Google sheet template including all calculative formatting. Feel free to download and print the PDF as it is. As an alternative, make a copy of the Google sheet template to your Google drive and use the spreadsheet template as a draft to build on it.

Wedding Budget Template
  • Start out by clearly defining on Pinterest what makes a perfect wedding day for you. In addition, a wedding checklist might prove invaluable for this step.
  • Estimate the costs of each position like ceremony venue, reception venue, officiant, wedding gown, wedding cake, caterer, florist, wedding stationery, wedding favors, DJ, wedding photographer and, or videographer.
  • Review your available budget and whether family or friends are offering financial support.
  • Back up your cost estimate with quotes and update your wedding vendor list. 
  • If there is a cost gap get creative negotiate, find alternative services or alternative solutions. 

Planning wedding costs enables you to influence and adjust in time when costs explode. For this reason, use the free Google sheet budget template actively as a tool. Ultimately it will enable you to achieve the best outcome. Using a budget template gets you closest to the desired perfect budget wedding day.