Good Day At The Bay Designer Print And Brown And Blue Cushions

Good Day At The Bay is a designer print title by Greg Straight.

Greg is a New Zealand artist who has a keen interest in the surfing sport. And one of his favorite surfing beaches is Maori Bay. The small bay borders Muriwai on the West Coast in Auckland. Therefore it is natural that the sea theme carries over into his artwork.

Crisp, clean lines are a signature of his artwork. The print uses two colors and shades of each that is blue and brown.

Good Day At The Bay by Michael Straight with a brown and a blue throw pillow
Good Day At The Bay by Greg Straight, accented with a brown and blue cushion

Here, the blue and brown theme finds reflection in the home decor accessories of the throw pillows. One appears in shades of brown, and the second one appears in shades of blue. Both enjoy a bold striped wave pattern accenting a light grey armchair in the white-colored living room.

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Pohutukawa Floral Art Print Accented With Brown And Orange Cushions

A pohutukawa floral art print by New Zealand artist Diane Adams is in the spotlight of this post.

Diane chooses to spotlight the blossoms of the pohutukawa tree in her artwork. Her work captures in beautiful detail their feathery appearance in red-orange. Blooming clusters follow a circular organizational pattern with tiny yellow tips and dark moss-green, oval-shaped leaves framing them.

Pohutukawa art print by Diane Adams complemented with brown and orange throw pillows
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Pink Purple Orange A Colorful & Innovative Decor

A pink, purple, and orange decor is a colorful and innovative decor solution to emphasize this captivating landscape print. Called ‘Brightwater’, it is an art print by Leah Spicer and available at

The artist zooms in on a dense blossom blanket that cascades into a summer-dried pale orange-brown flatland. Finally, green hills re-collect a sweeping gaze.

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Love Colors Marries Art And Pillows

Love Colors is a mood board that beautifully captures the vivid coloring on a sunny day at the coast. Its main features are a colorful art print and three solid-colored pillows.

Love for Color in The Living Room

Here, an art print by New Zealand artist, Fiona Whyte inspired the overall color scheme and home decor idea. Anyone who loves colors will get excited about the energizing shore scape Coastal Clothesline. Overall the art print forms the centerpiece of the colorful living room decor. Additionally, minimalist solid-colored throw pillows decorate the furnishings. Meanwhile, a lime-colored area rug covers the wooden floor.

The Colorful Loft Living In A Loft Like Space

The home decor idea for ‘Colorful Loft Living’ followed a precious find. A bold and captivating artwork by a contemporary New Zealand artist. Michael Smither is the painter of the ‘Motumahanga Square Quartet’ which is available as a limited edition at

The Colorful Living Room In A Loft Like Space

Motumahanga Square Quartet shows four angles of an Island seen on the east coast of Northland. Michael Smither uses colorful evenly shaped blocks as backdrop to the rugged island scene.

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Tangaroa – Art Print Meets Blue And Green Pillows

Blue and green pillows complement the art print Tangaroa. Tangaroa is a color-explosive art print by New Zealand artist Rob McGregor. The artwork depicts the god of the sea Tangaroa. According to Maori believe the sea is connected to the beginning of life.

Tangaroa Linked with Blue and Lime Home Decor

Here on this living room mood board three pillows with a fragmented circular pattern in blue, lime green, and turquoise accent the couch.

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Airy City Loft – High Above The City Hustle

Interior decoration for this airy city loft is in soft blues and greens. And with this, achieve a calming and distancing effect from the hustle and bustle of busy city streets.

Airy City Loft Decor, A Declaration In Blue And Green

Here in our example, an airy apartment space high above the city serves as a creative playground. Light hues and round shapes support an impression of softness and a state of flowing. The chosen print for blankets and pillows consists of monochromatic round shapes. That reflects the abstracts of an unfurling fern frond.

Notable, for this design, it allows for color customization. Choosing your background color in the print design can take on any shade and return a monochrome pattern. The pattern creation is a graphic translation to an unfurling fern frond.

With attention to a calming effect, the selected art print to decorate the loft wall is ‘Taranaki 3, by Michael Smither.

Smither is a contemporary New Zealand artist who perfectly preserved the iconic sight. Mount Taranaki captured on a beautiful and cloudless day against a deep blue sky. Taranaki 3 describes a single hill in otherwise flat surroundings. Which in itself is a must to stop a wandering eye. Mount Taranaki is also known as Mount Egmont.

Altogether, it is a simplistic yet powerful composition. Paintings by the artist shine in their minimalist appearance, stripped off by all clutter to focus on what matters.

For instructions about revising the fill color in the home accessories for the airy city loft, please follow the link: desktop devices or mobile devices. If you require hands-on help, product expansion or you would like a custom design contact us directly on Telegram

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