Spring Wall Art Photo Prints Seen At rachelshields.co.nz

Spring wall art photo prints of budding trees in varying stages are the focus of three living room mood boards. Each botanical spring photograph is a testimony to the artistic view through the lens of the photographer Rachel Shields.

KBM D3signs selected three photography art prints of the artist to complement each with a printed throw pillow design by KBM D3signs.

Spring Elm

In the – Spring Elm – photo shot, greenish-yellowish buds in the beginning stages of opening cover the twigs.

In response, the complementing yellow accent pillow has a subdued linear wave pattern. Overall the pillow pattern emulates the still visible twigs.

Pussy Willow

A first spring sign is pussy willow. Here the photographer uses a macro close-up to draw the eye. A blurring in the distance sets the pussy willow in context, and space balances the portrayed object.

KBM D3signs adopted a yellow, minimalist circle patterned pillow accent for the armchair.

Moody Majestic

Moody Majestic is an exquisite art photograph. From a bare branch, a single bud forms the focus as a spring message filled with the hope of a new beginning. The spring photo shows a well-balanced use of focus, blur, and space.

The decor mood board shows this one of the three examples as the most sophisticated one. A sandy brown diagonal wavy line patterned pillow becomes the accenting object for a dark brown leather armchair.

About Rachel Shields

Rachel is a young talented photographer from West Auckland, New Zealand. Her extensive professional experience includes working internationally in professional studios and locations. Additionally, multiple magazines published her work as a photographer and artist. A previous post featured pink art prints of blossoms.

In the artists own words about her fine art photography prints:

My Art Prints focus on the everyday beauty in the world. encouraging people to take a moment of calm and see the lighter, more joyous side of life.

Rachel Shields

Visit www.RachelShields.co.nz for more about her work and photo art prints. Alternatively, send an email inquiry.