City Art Print – Summertime Wellington by Marianne Muggeridge – Art Meets Pillows

Under the series – Art Meets Pillows – the city art print Summertime Wellington by Marianne Muggeridge complements two pillows. One pillow in pink and the second in grey. In both cases, a triangle pattern decorates the throw pillows.

Geometric small triangle clusters to form larger triangles and squares with negative spaces in between that show the mirroring shapes. Altogether, the emerging intrinsic ethnic pattern beautifully resonates with the painting, its colors, and prevalent forms.

Art Meets Pillows – Summertime Wellington by Marianne Muggeridge – Pillows with Triangle Pattern

What is noteworthy about – Summertime Wellington – city art print?

Summertime Wellington is one of the New Zealand artists’ most sold works.

It gives a blue skyed summer day view towards the city’s residential area where white weatherboard houses with red and green metal roofing cling closely to the surrounding hills. The dense residential city living is characteristic of Wellington, the Capital of New Zealand.

Remarkable details about the artist, Marianne Muggeridge

Since graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Art in 1973 at Elam School in Auckland, Marianne Muggeridge works full-time as an artist. She describes her style as life drawing and painting and uses for this a variety of media. 

In 2000, Marianne Muggeridge won the portrait competition of the New Zealand Portrait Gallery. In the 2002 Adam New Zealand Portrait Competition, she took part and won it too.  

Private and public galleries hold Marianne Muggeridge’s artwork.

What makes the pink and grey pillows stand out?

The pink pillow and the green pillow have one trait in common. Indeed, both allow for revising the fill color.

How does this help you?

In case you like the ethnic triangle pattern and the color does not work for your home decoration project, you can color it your way. A revision of the fill color changes the overall pillow color. A change in fill color, however, will return the pattern for both pillows in a lightened hue of the selected fill color. A fact resulting in a less distinct pattern design, the closer to white the fill color is.

Both pillows are part of a collection of ten colorations. Additionally, there are two pattern variations, where each returns subdued or lightened and in black and white. If none of the colors work for you, you can color it your way by modifying the fill color.

This feature, altogether, permits you to match an existing home decor color or a new color scheme to support your decor ideas.

As a design from KBM D3signs, the triangle pattern design is available in the store Fall for It at Zazzle. Furthermore, you will find ten different colorings. Aside from pink and grey, the collection holds blue, green, orange, purple, brown, red, turquoise, and yellow. Each color promotes the pattern design on square pillows, lumbar pillows, round pillows, cubes, poufs, and various blankets.

For instructions on how to revise the fill color, please follow the links here: desktop devices or mobile devices. If you require hands-on help or you would like a custom design contact us directly on Telegram

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