Design Services that Make you Feel Creative

How design services of KBM D3signs can help you:

KBM D3signs uses the site as a portfolio for past and current pattern designs. The portfolio shows off relevant designs of our creative work. Most noteworthy everyone experiences a feeling of pride by taking part in a creative process. Hence many of our pattern welcome customer to personalize text and select their preferred color.

As a result our designs allow:

  • Filling in initials and
  • Choice of color

Relevant new design posts give insights about how to customize and what to customize.  In conclusion the introduction of a new a surface pattern design provides a  look-book link. Here fun mood-boards allow to explore styling possibilities and color schemes. Numerous decor items shine in compositions.

Yet, these are fun to create. It is also a great place to socialize online and meet people to exchange, compete and explore ideas in home decor and fashion. Please join in to a creative journey of color and pattern in one or both groups at The Group ‘Fall for It’ explores interior mood-boards. Color and Pattern, the second group runs contests to exchange fashion ideas.

Where to Find our Pattern Designs?

It is especially noteworthy that KBM D3signs publishes their surface pattern designs within ‘POD’s’ (Print On Demand) platforms. Find stores run by KBMD3sings on Zazzle, Artsadd, Artofwhere and PAOM (Print All Over Me). An affiliation with multiple companies gives as well a wider selection of products as a wider range of product qualities:

  • Customers choose the product and we fit any of our dynamic, bold and personal pattern designs.
  • Following customer request we always modify design color schemes.
  • We prepare custom surface pattern designs for retailers interested in the POD’s wholesale program.   Consequently these become uniquely theirs. Hence a retailer chooses product type, surface pattern and color.

In conclusion, for inquiries about our design services please click through to the contact form.