Famous Claude Monet Art Meets Pillows In Red

Famous Claude Monet art meets pillows in red by KBM D3signs. Nine artworks by the painter pair up with various red throw pillows to decorate modern living rooms. 

Nine decoration examples range from sophisticated, modern to feminine, classic, and young and energetic. Each features a different artwork by the impressionist artist with a unique pillow pattern design by KBM D3signs.

Nine Claude Monet Art Prints

Water Lily Pond 

  • Water Lily Pond (different light study) 
  • Houses Of Parliament
  • Poplars In The Sun
  • Woman With Parasol
  • Paris On National Day
  • Impression, Sunrise
  • Red Chrysanthemum
  • Poppy Field

Who Is Claude Monet?

Claude Oscar Monet is a famous French artist, born 14 November 1840 in Paris. He died on the 5fifth December in 1926 of lung cancer in Giverny, Normandy. 

As a student of Charles Gleyre where he met Renoir, Bazille, and Sisley. Their exploration of light outdoors initiated the impressionist movement. Plein-air landscape painting, in particular, series of the same motif under the influence of the seasons and changing light became a theme in many of the artist’s work. 

The Water Lily Pond is one example that served as a motif to studying the influences of light and season.

Water Lily Pond

Water Lily Pond By Claude Monet And Pillows In Red With Leaves Pattern
Water Lily Pond By Claude Monet And Pillows In Red

Sophistication in a living room showcases in this example of subdued hues in red and green. It is a beautiful environment for the Water Lily Pond. Added throw pillows in red with a stylized leaves pattern are for comfort and accent.

Water Lily Pond By Claude Monet And Red Pillows With Ripple Pattern
Water Lily Pond By Claude Monet And Red Ripple Patterned Pillows

Elegance is the result of the dark blue sofa under the summery painting of the Water Lily Pond. Meanwhile, the ripple patterned throw pillows in red reflect the coloration and the soft perceived movement in a pond filled with blooming water lilies.

Paintings Depicting On The Sunrise

Houses Of Parliament By Claude Monet And Red Pillows With Stripes And Checkers
Houses Of Parliament By Claude Monet And Red Pillows

The art print, Houses Of Parliament, decorates a living room in prevalent hues of blue and red. The wall decor emits a shadowy building complex in the morning hours with the sun breaking through the fog. It becomes a glorious mix of colors in steel grey, blue and pale pink, and purple. Here raspberry red pillows with checkers and stripes complement the art print.

Impression, Sunrise By Claude Monet And Red Wave Patterned Pillows
Impression, Sunrise By Claude Monet And Red Throw Pillows

The traditional living room in pale, brown, and red decor sets the frame for Impressions, Sunrise by the painter. Soft hues with hints of green, blue, and red let a rowing boat on the water emerge. However, the painting complements pillows in red with a wave pattern.

Vintage Style In Red And Grey

Red Chrysanthemum By Claude Monet And Pillows With Triangle Pattern
Red Chrysanthemum By Claude Monet And Pillows

Go vintage in grey and red. Vivid is the best description of the Red Chrysanthemum by the artist, where the focus of the still-life consists of a crimson red floral arrangement in a vase. The wall decor hangs above a grey couch. Three red throw pillows accent the furniture and complement the painting with the geometric triangle pattern in subdued and lightened tones.

High Energy in Blue And Red

Paris On National Day Art Print By Claude Monet And Angular Red Patterned Pillows
Paris On National Day By Claude Monet And Red Pillows

The energetic hustle and bustle of activities are palpable in the painting Paris On National Day. The colors blue and red, dominant in the wall decor carries through to the blue sofa and its accent pillows. These show a geometric angular pattern.

Bring Summer Vibes In The Living Room

Poplars In The Sun By Claude Monet And Rose Patterned Pillows In Red
Poplars In The Sun By Claude Monet And Pillows In Red

A dreamy summer vibe exudes from the impressionist painting Poplars In The Sun. The poplars stand tall against a summer blue sky, dotted by easy-moving clouds. In response to the art print, two pale red rose patterned throw pillows accent the white two-seater.

Woman With Parasol By Claude Monet And Pillows In Red With Fragmented Circle Pattern
Woman With Parasol By Claude Monet And Pillows In Red

A summery vintage flair shows a white vintage sofa under the art print Woman With Parasol. The artist masterfully transmits the light breeze moving puffy clouds along and letting the dress move to the quirks of the wind. Meanwhile, red pillows with fragmented circle patterns accent the seating furniture.

Poppy Field By Claude Monet And Pillows In Red With Layers Pattern
Poppy Field By Claude Monet And Pillows In Red

The landscape art print Poppy Field captures a beautiful summer day and enables the observer to feel like joining the mother and her child for a walk through the fields filled with poppies. Here the print decorates the wall above a bright blue modern couch with red pillows that show a pattern of rolling hills.

Did the artist spike your interest? You find more about Claude Monet, his work, and life here.

Red Decor

Red generally has the effect of energizing a space and the people frequenting it. A red feature wall makes a statement. Directing attention works well by consciously placing red-colored accessories, preferably in one the same coloration. It allows guiding an observing eye through a room while livening up neutral tones.

What set the pillow designs by KBM D3signs apart?

For each pillow, a coordinating collection is available in the Zazzle store FallForIt. There are ten hues with additional pattern variations available, including two or more pattern variations. Each variation returns the fill color subdued or lightened and the colors black and white. And best of all, if none of the ten colors work for you, color it your way. Like this, it is simple to accommodate existing colors.

Furthermore, each collection includes square, oblong, and round pillows in addition to round and cubed comforters and blankets.

For step-by-step instructions on modifying the fill color, please follow the links here desktop devices or mobile devices. If you require hands-on help or you would like a custom design contact us directly on Telegram https://t.me/kbmd3signs_chat.

At KBM D3signs, we love feedback, so please feel free to post your color and decor idea.

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