Brown Throw Pillows With An Elegant Wavy Stripes Pattern

Brown throw pillows that show an elegant wavy stripes pattern stand in the center of the color review.

Effectively there is a single pattern idea behind the four distinctly different impressions of the wavy stripes pattern. The first one returns horizontal broad waved lines in white and brown. Meanwhile, the second example has lightened wavy stripes in shades of brown with dark outlines. The third pattern characteristics are horizontal wavy stripes in subdued shades with light boarder-lines. The fourth pattern has a wavy striped pattern at a 45-degree angle in black and alternating with brown.

All in all, the designs are readily available in ten colors and on nine different products. Please follow the link with the solid orange button. Available colors include: brown, blue, green, red, yellow, turquoise, pink, grey, orange, purple, black, and white. Selected home accessories consist of four square pillows, each with different pattern placement, an affirmation pillow, a lumbar pillow, and a round pillow. Then there are two pouf shapes, round, and cube. Additionally, there are three blanket types: a cotton throw blanket, a fleece blanket, and a sherpa blanket.

The best feature of all the items is, that you can color each your way.

Brown pillows with layers pattern
Brown Throw Pillows With Wavy Stripes Pattern

How to color it your way?

In one easy step, modify the background color, meanwhile keeping the pattern design intact. And the outcome is a pillow in the chosen coloration showing the wavy stripes pattern in white or black or in monochrome hues lightened by shades of white or subdued.

Six elegant brown throw pillow color combinations

Here KBM D3signs explores six color combinations with the brown pillows.

Included are:

  1. Earthy brown and black 
  2. An elegant brown and white
  3. Calming brown and red
  4. Refreshing is the brown and green
  5. A vaporous feel comes with the brown and turquoise 
  6. Substantial atmosphere achieved with brown and dark blue
Brown and black throw pillows decorate a black couch in a modern living room
Brown and Black Pillows

A classic black couch framed by a rustic wooden floor and wall gets an earthy touch through the brown and black pillows.

Brown and white throw pillows with wavy stripes decorate a white couch in a modern living room
Brown and White Pillows

In the airy white living room framing a white couch, the light brown and white pillows add an elegant touch.

Brown and red throw pillows with layers pattern on red couch
Brown and Red Pillows

The brown and red pillow combination in the sun-drenched room with the red two-seater introduces a calming element to the red energy.

Elegant brown and green pillows with a wavy stripes pattern decorate a teal green couch
Brown and Green Pillows

A daylight-flooded room frames a teal-green couch that shines with a refreshing brown and a green pillow.

Brown and turquoise throw pillows with wavy stripes decorate a turquoise couch in a modern living room
Brown and Turquoise Pillows

On the turquoise armchair, the brown and turquoise pillow pair transmit a vaporous sense.

Brown and blue throw pillows with wavy stripes decorate a grey couch in a modern living room
Green and Purple Pillows

A sophisticated black and brown interior theme shine with a deep blue and brown pillow combination. The accent pillows render the living-room remarkable.

How to customize the design to your interior decor requirements?

The designs strive to keep the user in mind, and that interior decorations often evolve, and everyone develops their style and color preference. For this reason, the designs allow modifying the fill color. Like this, the pattern takes on your color plus black or white or monochrome shades subdued or lightened and enables you to match existing accent colors or adjust them to your new home decoration project.

Instructions for both, using a mobile device or a desktop are given in word and image by following the link. 

In any event, to request help with the customization, please follow the link to inquire. We are here to help with both. Either extending the product range or assisting with the customization of the product color.

At KBM D3signs, we love feedback, so please feel free to post your color and decor idea.