Curl Pattern And Fern Frond Art Test The Boundaries in Coloration And Style

The curl pattern and the abstract Fern Frond art put the power of color and size into your hands. 

What does this mean for you in regards to the wall decor?

A scalable vector graphic forms the base. For this pattern it means, there is no restriction to size. The only limit is your imagination.

The examples presented are there to jump-start ideas in the layout. Art print presentations show a square format as a quad or repetitive partials in monochrome color shades in a vertical format and a split design stacked horizontally. Due to the pattern leaving the background open and customizable, the coloration is really up to you.

Green Curl Pattern For Decorative Pillows And Wall Decor
Green Curl Pattern For Pillows And Art Print

The possibilities of the Curl Pattern

As a seamless repeat pattern, the curl pattern comes in four variations, including the pattern design in black and white and shades of each. Consequently, a lot is in your hands. Achievable is any coloration, and increasing the pattern size to the image limits applies to the black and white pattern. Meanwhile, sticking to light and mid-range hues work best for shades of black and shades of white.

Curly Patterns Liven Up An Industrial Decor

Yellow-Green And Grey Curl Pattern For Wall And Pillows
Yellow-Green And Grey Curl Pattern For Wall And Pillows

An industrial ambiance with lots of concrete and stylish white furnishing shows the fern frond art as a multicolored quad. The quad colors are turquoise-blue, yellow-green, red, and grey. As a consequence, the grey and yellow-green hue re-appears in playful accent pillows on the couch.

Feminine Flair In Bronze, Rosy, And Silver Grey

Curly Pattern Home And Wall Decor in Bronze, Rosy, And Silver
Curly Pattern Home And Wall Decor in Bronze, Rosy, And Silver

With a feminine flair, a vertical set of three art prints in bronze, rosy, and silver are highlighted on the blush wall. Throw pillows imitating the coloration yet with black curls pattern in various sizes decorate the couch.

Young Living In Blue And Green

Curl Pattern Home Decor And Wall Decor in Green And Blue
Curl Pattern Home Decor, Green And Blue

Young and trendy come across this sun-drenched room with a horizontal block of two flat art partials where both parts complete the artwork. The white seating furniture shows accent pillows in green and blue with a large swirl in lightened hues of the background color.

Color It Your Way! A Design Connecting Nature, Symbolic, And Innovation

An unfurling fern frond finds its symbolic association in New Zealand with the koru symbol. It is essentially a spiral that symbolizes new beginnings and balance. The innovative part is the coloration which is determined by the customer.

Ten colorations in addition to black and white are readily available. If none works for you, then color it your way. All products showing the pattern design include round and oblong cushions, round and cubed comforters, and blankets. Yet, it is not limited to these.

Where to go for assistance customizing the pillow or wall decor?

For instructions about revising the fill color, please follow the link: desktop devices or mobile devices. If you require hands-on help, product expansion or you would like a custom design contact us directly on Telegram

At KBM D3signs, we love feedback, so please feel free to post your color and decor idea.