Circle Pattern Zoomed-in For Minimalist Look, Zoomed-out For Beads Affect

The geometric circle design is a versatile repeat pattern. As a surface pattern for throw pillows, it allows a minimalist experience when used as a zoomed-in pattern. As a result, one full circular shape and two halves are visible. In a zoomed-out version, the surface pattern appears as a string of circles and reminding of beads. In addition, the pattern direction is either diagonal or vertical.

Decorative purple pillows with circular pattern

Most notably, the pattern has four variations. 

  1. First, the background color becomes the pattern against black.
  2. Second, the fill color lets the pattern appear on white.
  3. Third, parts are subdued by shades of black and accented with white
  4. Fourth, the reverse of number three, lightened by shades of white and accented with black.  

The Geometric Circle Pattern In Modern Living Rooms

Can you color-coordinate the circle pattern design on more than one decor item?

Yes, you can.

The pillows with circle patterns are part of a home decor collection at the Zazzle store FallForIt. The collection consists of multiple products, including square pillows in two sizes sixteen-inch, and twenty-inch. Their material is either cotton or polyester with or without a zipper. Selecting the specially treated ones even lets you plan for an outdoor decorating project.

Additional products are round and oblong-shaped pillows, cubed and round comforters, and matching blankets.

Each product is available in ten hues. None works for your project? Then color it your way by modifying the fill color.

This feature, altogether, permits you to duplicate an existing home decor color or create a new color scheme to support your decor ideas.

For instructions about revising the fill color, please follow the link: desktop devices or mobile devices. If you require hands-on help or you would like a custom design contact us directly on Telegram

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