Triangle Repeat Pattern In A Modern, Vintage, Or Ethnic Setting

Here the triangle repeat pattern on various colored throw pillows shows adaptability to multiple styles. The pattern design varies in size and direction. Altogether it results in throw pillows that work well in modern settings and even rise to match vintage or ethnic styles.

Red Pillows With Geometric Triangle Patterns
Red Pillows

The secret lies in color choice. It can easily modify to your requirements. Where any medium hue pairs with a white or black pattern. Alternatively, the pattern design appears lightened or subdued in the selected color.

11 Modern And Vintage Home Decor Ideas

Altogether, showcase the eleven home decor ideas in various styles and pillow colors. Their goal is to complement artworks. These are by famous international and contemporary artists, in addition to photography prints and wall decor by KBM D3signs.

Triangle Patterned Pillows Meet Famos Art Prints

  • As balancing accessories, the medium-green pillows decorate the two-seater in response to the art print Dancers Backstage by Edgar Degas.
  • The blue and terracotta coloration let the triangles form a vintage pattern. It complements the portrait of Fritza Riedler by symbolist painter Gustav Klimt.
  • Vintage red pillows accessorize the still-life print Red Chrysanthemum by Claude Monet.
  • Mimicking the presence of airiness in the art print P[nk Peach Tree Blossom by Vincent van Gogh, blue and pink pillows with an ethnic pattern decorate the sofa.

Photo Prints Meet Pillows With Geometric Pattern

Contemporary Artists

  • Grey and pink pillows set the accent on the armchair aside from the Wellington city art print by Marianne Muggeridge, a contemporary New Zealand artist.
  • The modern, feminine living space features blue and purple pillows with triangle patterns and the art print Girl on the Beach by Lincoln Seligman.

Wall Decor By KBM D3signs

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Triangle Repeat Pattern

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Where to go for assistance for customization or publishing additional products?

In general, if difficulties arise when personalizing the pillows, poufs, cubes, or blankets with a vintage pattern of triangles, we prepared a step-by-step guide on the following page.

Do you have further questions? Then contact KBM D3signs via the form. We are also happy to transfer the design on request onto products available on Zazzle or to prepare a custom design altogether. Alternatively, visit KBMD3signs on Telegram at and consider leaving a comment.