Neutral Home Decor In Blue, Brown, Red, And Green Has Potential

Neutral home decor with blue, brown, red, and green accents explores various pattern designs to return a multifaceted styling potential. Come and join the journey.

Each pattern design complements a specific style. The styles included in the exploration are modern, eclectic, coastal, and country styles. All introduced pattern designs are color-matching. And are therefore well suited to mix and match the various pillow pattern designs between the mood boards.

Blue and gray neutral home decor mix and match and color customize
Blue and Brown Home Decor

Led by a throw pillow, each design comes with a selection of home decor accessories readily available. Yet on request, we publish a design of your choice on any product available on Zazzle.

We thrive on feedback. At the end of the post, you find an opportunity for that.

Throw Pillows in Neutral Colors White, Brown, and Blue

Find amongst the geometric design series polka dots in three hues, triangles repeat pattern, ascending stripes, a striped tiles design, and a grid pattern. All but the polka dots design allow personalizing the background color to match the existing accent color.

Also, Some of the mood boards arrange their decor around an art print. Click for more ideas about Art Meets Pillows.

Polka Dots Design As Color Neutral Home Decor

Throw Pillows in Blue and Gray Polka Dots Design
Polka Dots Design

The polka dots pattern is a classic design. In the color-neutral home decor series, the design stands out with three neutral colors white, brown, and blue. In this instant, the pillows serve as accent highlight and find complementing accessories in the pendant light and the round pouf. Both come from the same design series. The leading colors correspond with the art print, Drowning Girl, by Roy Lichtenstein.

Triangle Design

throw pillows with triangle pattern
throw pillows with triangle pattern

In the geometric triangle design mood board, the throw pillows and the pouf in neutral tones form the center of the blue and grey home decor. Neutral tones allow beautiful room for vivid wall decor like the art print by Michael Smither, Shape as Colour, Colour as Sound.

The outcome is an eclectic but comfortable mood board around the primary shape triangle. 

It is also noteworthy that the triangle pattern design allows for color customization by modifying the fill color. 

Seaside Resort

Seaside inspired interior decor
Ascending Stripes

The white, blue, and brown colored ascending stripes design add timeless elegance to the seaside resort-inspired set. The color-matching pattern designs of the tartan throw pillow and the partial polka dots design on the tray, placemat, and wall clock stay in positive correspondence while adding variation.

Exchange the background color of the stripes and tartan design to match the existing accent color.

Grid Design in Blue

home decor shows a grid design in blue
Grid Design in Blue

In this set, the three-colored grid design mediates beautifully between the blue sofa and the rug in a blend of peach color. The decor corresponds equally well with the wall decoration. Featured items in this set are a blanket, pillows, lamp, coasters, and comforter. The selected items are exemplary. Further accessories are readily available. On request, we place this design on any product available at The design allows exchanging the background color to match personal preferences. Should you require help or a completely different color result, contact us.

The wall decoration shows an art print of Wellington by Ernest Papps ‘Oriental Bay.

Tiles Design

Country Style Living and Tiles Design
Tiles Design

In various pattern sizes, the pattern of the tiles on the neutral home decor accessories embraces the rustic feel of the country living room. The tiles pattern on the accessories shows stripes that alternate directions to arrange into a tiles pattern. The multi-sized pattern design playfully responds to the art print – The Tool Shed – by the New Zealand painter Barry Ross Smith

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  1. I love these innovative designs by in blue and gray. Also the wall decorations with New Zealand scenes are very fitting and original.

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