9 Black And White Throw Pillows Meet Wall Decoration

Abstract Splatter, Isometric Room View, And Photo Collages

Nine pairs of black and white throw pillows meet a range of wall decoration styles.
Each show-cased pillow pair shows its pattern in white on black and in black on white. This distinction makes a difference for all who thrive on adding their personal color touch. When selecting a fill color, the pattern appears either in black or white with your chosen fill color.

9 Throw Pillow Pattern in Black And White

Can I Personalize The Art Work?

As a matter of fact, yes. KBM D3signs specializes in personalizable home decor. 

The isometric room view with a checkered floor, a striped and a solid wall follows the same principle as the pillows. You determine the fill color in addition to either coloring the bouncing balls or exchanging the replaceable photos. And create a personal, fun family gallery.

The splatter art, however, allows for customization of the background color. Any color selected will pair with black and white.

Then three beautiful collages are ideal for telling a story in images. Each allows for easy photo replacement. Two image sizes make the rhythm of the Instagram collage, where six larger photos allow drawing focus. Meanwhile, the smaller images fill in the story. 

Black and white photos create a remarkable checker effect. But of course, it will have a more colorful effect when replacing the images in full color or playing with something in between.

The last of the collage examples draws its idea from a honeycomb and allows you to replace photos that will take on a hexagon shape. The placeholders allow for square Instagram and oblong photos, while Zazzle’s fantastic tool does the rest. It simply replaces the photo-masking of the hexagon shape. And voil√†, the result is a personalized honeycomb photo collage.

Where To Find Both The Black And White Throw Pillows And The Wall Decor?

Find the series matching the article content at our Zazzle store, Fall For It!

Should difficulties arise when customizing the template, we prepared a step by step guide. Otherwise, please use the contact form to request assistance. Alternatively, visit KBMD3signs on Telegram at https://t.me/KBMD3signs_chat and leave a comment.