Purple Throw Pillows and What Colors Look Great With Them To Pair-up

Purple throw pillows with a feeding Monarch butterfly design are in the center of the decoration idea exploration with a light grey armchair.

The color purple stands for spiritual change and deepens to change on the physical level the darker the purple becomes. 

Stylized Monarch butterflies decorate the square pillows. Two differing surface patterns show in one version a single butterfly that feeds on swan plant blossoms. Meanwhile, the second version shows a butterfly pair.

square purple pillows with a single feeding Monarch butterfly and a pair of butterflies
Purple Throw Pillows With Monarch Butterfly Pattern

Altogether, the butterfly pattern decorated products comprise square pillows, oblong and round pillows, round poufs, and cubes. Three varying blankets are part of the collection to complete the comforting accessories. Each product comes in ten colorations that encompass purple, red, turquoise, green, yellow, blue, orange, grey, pink, and brown. 

Most importantly, if the pattern finds your appreciation, and the tint fails to match your existing home decoration, then it is a breeze to personalize it. Similar opportunities apply to your new makeover project. Any color alteration keeps the original surface design intact. Choose the pattern design and color it your way.

Nine moody decoration ideas with an armchair and purple throw pillows

Inspiration is everywhere. In the following examples: landscapes, gardens, and dramatic momentary sky formations were initiators to the series of nine decor examples.

Among you find:

  1. Purple Pillows: The light of change at a body of water with overlapping rows of hills right before sundown 
  2. Red and purple pillows: Wild and sloping meadows with rolling hills in the distance
  3. Turquoise and purple pillows: A rugged coastline fringing turquoise-colored sea
  4. Green and purple pillows: A sun-drenched mesmerizing green garden snapshot
  5. Yellow and purple: purple blooming shrubs in the sunlight
  6. Blue and purple pillows: White spring blooms set against a saturated blue sky
  7. Orange and purple pillows: Far-reaching plains with heavy clouds chasing in the sunlight
  8. Grey and purple pillows: A moody scenario with a purplish-blue clouded sky hanging over a summer-dried grey-green land
  9. Pink and purple pillows: A pinkish-blue and clouded evening sky glimpses through a row of pine trees

Three inspiring landscapes inducing decoration ideas

square purple pillows with a single feeding Monarch butterfly and a pair
Purple Throw Pillows

Purple throw pillows respond beautifully to the light of change. The scene shows a water scene with overlapping rows of hills following a possible waterway. Meanwhile, the sun hangs deep and creates highlights in the sky and on the water.

square purple and red pillows with feeding Monarch butterfly pairs
Red and Purple Pillows

The mood forged by wild meadows sloping in red and brown with distant purplish rolling hills resounds in the chosen butterfly pillows in red and purple.

square purple and turquoise pillows with a single feeding Monarch butterfly
Turquoise and Purple Pillows

The image of the rugged coastline swept by turquoise-colored waters corresponds beautifully with the motif of a single Monarch butterfly that decorates the turquoise and purple pillows.

Beautiful garden close-ups motivate the three next pillow decoration ideas:

square purple and green pillows with a single feeding Monarch butterfly and a pair
Green and Purple Pillows

Sunlight reflecting peacefully in an environment of green grass and shrubs motivated the green and purple pillow decor for the armchair.

square purple and yellow pillows with feeding Monarch butterfly pairs
Yellow and Purple Pillows

Lilac flowering shrubs in the summer afternoon sun inspired the combo for a yellow and purple Monarch butterfly pillow decor.

square purple and blue pillows with a single feeding Monarch butterfly
Blue and Purple Pillows

White clustering tree blossoms set against a saturated blue sky led to the blue and purple pillow combination with the single butterfly.

Dramatic cloud colorations brought about the last three decors:

square purple and orange pillows with a single feeding Monarch butterfly and a pair
Orange and Purple Pillows

The orange and purple butterfly pillows resonate fabulously with clouds chasing in the evening sun above vast grain fields.

square purple and grey pillows with a single feeding Monarch butterfly and a pair
Grey and Purple Pillows

On the first impulse, grey and purple are an unlikely combination. Despite this, the combination shines in this example of a moody nature scene with pale brown-green dried grass under a purplish-blue cloudy sky.

square purple and pink pillows with a single feeding Monarch butterfly and a pair
Pink and Purple Pillows

The last example of the purple throw pillows decoration ideas features two pillows, one in pink and the second in purple. Together these echo nicely the pinkish-blue evening sky that sets a group of trees visually on fire.

With this, nine persuasive color compositions conclude. If you would like to share your Monarch butterfly pillow decorating idea, please put your idea into the chat group at telegram @kbmd3sings_chat or Pinterest @kbmd3signs.

How to customize the pillow color?

Furthermore, all the display colors are representations and allow you to alter the fill color, and with this, the pillow coloration. With this in mind, it becomes a breeze to preserve an existing color scheme. Follow either link, mobile device or a desktop device for detailed instructions in word and image.

Regardless, to request help with the customization, connect with us on telegram https://t.me/KBMD3signs_chat. Above all, we are here to help with any questions about design customization, extending the product range, and becoming a Zazzle affiliate to sell KBM D3signs products.

At KBM D3signs, we love feedback, so please feel free to post your color and decor idea.

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  1. I have 2 large Monarch butterfly pillows in 2 different colour combinations; the design is absolutely stunning!

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