Artistic Bath Decor Ideas With Koru The Symbol For An Unfurling Fern Leaf

The artistic bath decor ideas here found their inspiration in an unfurling fern leaf. 

Characteristically curled-up leaflets line the midrib of an uncurling fern leaf. When uncurled, this leaf part becomes a blade. 

Ultimately there is an abstract version that results in monochrome prints either subdued or lightened. Then there are four pattern versions of the seamless repeat pattern. Find the pattern design appearing in white or black and subdued or lightened in multiple size variations.

In common have these version that the fill color allows for color customization.

Modern Green Unfurling Fern Frond

Fun green swirls bathroom accessory, consisting of a shower curtain, bath mat, and towel set.
Fun Green Swirls Bathroom Accessory

The summer green bath decor has notably a translucent large curl pattern size that lets the background color shine through and lightens it up to result in a shower curtain with many tints of the hue used as the fill color.

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Curl Pattern And Fern Frond Art Test The Boundaries in Coloration And Style

The curl pattern and the abstract Fern Frond art put the power of color and size into your hands. 

What does this mean for you in regards to the wall decor?

A scalable vector graphic forms the base. For this pattern it means, there is no restriction to size. The only limit is your imagination.

The examples presented are there to jump-start ideas in the layout. Art print presentations show a square format as a quad or repetitive partials in monochrome color shades in a vertical format and a split design stacked horizontally. Due to the pattern leaving the background open and customizable, the coloration is really up to you.

Green Curl Pattern For Decorative Pillows And Wall Decor
Green Curl Pattern For Pillows And Art Print

The possibilities of the Curl Pattern

As a seamless repeat pattern, the curl pattern comes in four variations, including the pattern design in black and white and shades of each. Consequently, a lot is in your hands. Achievable is any coloration, and increasing the pattern size to the image limits applies to the black and white pattern. Meanwhile, sticking to light and mid-range hues work best for shades of black and shades of white.

Curly Patterns Liven Up An Industrial Decor

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Porcelain Mugs Zazzle Made – Review

The porcelain mugs review shows a triplet of Zazzle made China bone mugs with an abstract fern leaf print design. This review includes the quality of material, print and the flexibility of the design.

Elegant Porcelain Mugs With Fern Leaves Design

I love the material and shape just beautiful and elegant with a great feel to drink from. Porcelain allows a thinner material in comparison to their ceramic counterparts. The print quality on these elegant mugs is fantastic.

Meanwhile the template design used to return the monochrome shades of any chosen color delivered exceptional results. Meaning the template allows to create unique colors and match them yet preserving the original leaves design.

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Airy City Loft – High Above The City Hustle

Interior decoration for this airy city loft is in soft blues and greens. And with this, achieve a calming and distancing effect from the hustle and bustle of busy city streets.

Airy City Loft Decor, A Declaration In Blue And Green

Here in our example, an airy apartment space high above the city serves as a creative playground. Light hues and round shapes support an impression of softness and a state of flowing. The chosen print for blankets and pillows consists of monochromatic round shapes. That reflects the abstracts of an unfurling fern frond.

Notable, for this design, it allows for color customization. Choosing your background color in the print design can take on any shade and return a monochrome pattern. The pattern creation is a graphic translation to an unfurling fern frond.

With attention to a calming effect, the selected art print to decorate the loft wall is ‘Taranaki 3, by Michael Smither.

Smither is a contemporary New Zealand artist who perfectly preserved the iconic sight. Mount Taranaki captured on a beautiful and cloudless day against a deep blue sky. Taranaki 3 describes a single hill in otherwise flat surroundings. Which in itself is a must to stop a wandering eye. Mount Taranaki is also known as Mount Egmont.

Altogether, it is a simplistic yet powerful composition. Paintings by the artist shine in their minimalist appearance, stripped off by all clutter to focus on what matters.

For instructions about revising the fill color in the home accessories for the airy city loft, please follow the link: desktop devices or mobile devices. If you require hands-on help, product expansion or you would like a custom design contact us directly on Telegram

At KBM D3signs, we love feedback, so please feel free to post your color and decor idea.

New Beginnings, A Tribute To The Fern Frond

New beginnings are symbolically connected to the unfurling ‘Fern Frond‘ that is also the name of the design. In New Zealand a spiral reflects exactly this state of a new fern leaf and is known as koru.

New Beginnings

With this in mind the tote parades the leaf design.  Basic circular shapes capture the essence of fern leaves before unfurling. Significantly small circles follow the outer line of a larger circle and represent the small delicate leaflets. Once fully extended these form the fern leaf blade. In order, to achieve visual depth in a monochromatic design the circular shapes overlap and  return a variety of shades.

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