Grey Wavy Stripes Pattern Imitating A Stone Sediment Impression

A grey wavy stripes pattern decorates the pillow. The repeat pattern resembles stone sediment.

To explore the full collection of throw pillows with the wavy stripes pattern by KBM D3signs, please follow the link below of the pillow thumbnail. The complete collection consists of ten colors, including brown, blue, red, green, yellow, red, pink, purple, turquoise, black, and white. Furthermore, it contains too, round and oblong pillows and includes poufs and blankets.

Can you customize the pillow with the grey wavy stripes pattern?

Indeed, it is simple to customize the pillow color. The fill color, in short, defines the grey throw pillow. If the throw pillow has the right coloration then you can stop reading.

Otherwise, KBM D3signs put together a step by step guide. The instructions are in word and image and explain how to change the background color on a mobile device or a desktop. In order to get help with the customization, please follow the link below.

For more inspiration on grey living room decor ideas, visit the Zazzle Marketplace or let your creativity run free and design a pillow.

Throw pillow sizes and features

The pillows come in three sizes. That means there are two square pillow sizes. A large pillow size has twenty inches by twenty inches, while a smaller square pillow has sixteen inches by sixteen inches. Meanwhile, the third size, a lumbar pillow, encompasses thirteen-inch by twenty-one inches.

  • In short:
  • Throw pillow 20” x 20”
  • Throw pillow 16” x 16”
  • Lumbar pillow 13” x 21”

Throw pillow qualities

Four qualities influence the final prize and include zipper-less, polyester, cotton, and outdoor.

Polyester, zipper-less

The most economical is a zipper-less pillow in one hundred percent polyester using a high-quality Simplex knit fabric. Its appearance is soft and wrinkle-free. Astoundingly clear and crisp colors are the print result.

  • Simplex knit fabric; 100% polyester; wrinkle-free
  • Sewn shut enclosure; synthetic-filled insert included
  • The entire pillow is machine washable
  • Made in the USA

Polyester with zipper

If you know the pillow-cover requires regular washing, you might want to choose the polyester material as with a sewn in a zipper.

  • Simplex knit fabric; 100% polyester; wrinkle-free
  • Hidden zipper enclosure; synthetic-filled insert included
  • Machine washable
  • Made in the USA


A cotton pillow in one hundred percent grade A woven cotton returns a natural appearance that also may result in some irregularities in the print result.

  • 100% grade A woven cotton
  • Fabric made from natural fibers, which may result in irregularities
  • Hidden zipper enclosure; synthetic-filled insert included
  • Machine washable
  • Made in the USA


Outdoor quality is in one hundred percent polyester, wrinkle-free and their UV protection promises mildew resistance. The pillow seam is sewn shut, and its care requirements are to dry-clean. Recommendations for any further cleaning is to restrict it to spot cleaning.

  • 100% polyester; wrinkle-free, mildew resistant
  • Seams sewn shut; synthetic-filled insert included
  • Dry clean or spot clean only
  • Proudly made in the USA
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