Irregular Sandy-Orange Triangle Repeat Pattern On Throw Pillow

Sandy-orange triangle repeat pattern on square throw pillow

The irregular sandy-orange triangle repeat pattern decorates a modern-style throw pillow. It is a monochromatic pattern in shades of sandy-orange, to grey tones laced with the sandy-orange tone.

To explore the full collection published with the pattern ready to decorate your home follow the link below. Noteworthy is, KBM D3signs creates surface designs that allow their customers to customize the background color.

A pillow with sandy-orange triangle repeat pattern, how to customize your throw pillow for the living space?

The throw pillow with the sandy-orange irregular repeat pattern suits well in a modern interior setting. 

However, it is worth noting the surface print shows the monochrome shades of a sandy-orange. That means the sandy-orange shows in its original color and in multiple shades where the color is subdued by black. If the color meets your living room color scheme as is, then that is perfect and you do not need to continue reading.

On the other hand, if you prefer a different coloration, continue to learn about an easy solution that allows matching the background color to your decoration color. Due to the templates using shades of black to achieve monochrome color tones, mid-range to light colors will return the most desirable result in your surface print.

For convenience, KBM D3signs published a step by step instruction guide in word and image on how to change the background color on a mobile device or a desktop. To request help with the customization, please follow the link to inquire.

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