Rooster Wall Art For Kitchen, Modern Wall Decor Ideas For Blue Kitchens

KBM D3signs explores the rooster wall art for the kitchen in six scenarios. Modern blue kitchen designs either show blue cabinets or blue kitchen walls. The shades of blue encompass dark blues to mid-range tones like royal blue. Widening the color palette returns more styling facets, which a combination of teal and yellow and a shade of light turquoise-blue show.

KBM D3signs aims to inspire with the diverse use of the rooster wall art.

If the color examples do not work for your kitchen, find out how to use the custom color background option. It works on your desktop as well as on your mobile device. Find instructions in word and image for both approaches.

1 Bright four colored wall art against a dark-blue kitchen wall

The first scenario shows modern white and grey kitchen cabinets set against a dark blue kitchen wall. A rooster canvas print Quartett shines here in the colors light blue, yellow, orange-red, and dark blue.

Rooster Quartet In Light-Blue, Yellow, Orange-red And Dark Blue Rooster Prints
Rooster Wall Art For Kitchen, Quartet

2 Ideas For A Contemporary Kitchen In White, Blue, and Yellow

The contemporary kitchen shows a combination of cabinets in the colors white, blue, and yellow. With the walls in white and a light wooden floor covering an airy atmosphere is achieved.

KBM D3signs idea is to repeat the bold blue and yellow kitchen colors in the rooster wall decor to form a consistent rapport.

Yellow Rooster And Blue Rooster Wall Decor For Blue Kitchen
Yellow and Blue Rooster Wall Art

3 A white and light turquoise blue wall decor reflects the kitchen color scheme

The third modern kitchen in this sequence combines fresh turquoise blue with white. Here the light blue rooster print complements exceptionally well.

Light-blue Rooster Wall Art Decor For Turquoise Kitchen
A modern turquoise and white kitchen with light blue rooster decor

4 A stylish kitchen line in yellow, teal, and white

The fourth stylish kitchen line with cabinets in teal, yellow and white sets beautifully the frame for a pair of monochrome yellow and light blue rooster prints.

Yellow Rooster And Light-blue Rooster Wall Art Decor For Yellow And Teal Kitchen
Stylish kitchen line in yellow and teal

5 Grey kitchen cabinets against a teal-colored wall

The light grey kitchen with teal colored tiled backdrop invites a bright red-orange accent color. For this reason, the selection fell to the rooster at sunset in monochrome orange hues.

Orange-Red Rooster Wall Art Decor For Teal Kitchen
Grey kitchen with teal-colored tiles accented with a red-orange wall decor

6 White kitchen cabinets with royal blue countertop

A modern white kitchen with a royal-blue countertop set against a royal blue wall is invited as accentuating wall decor, in this example, the bright yellow rooster print.

Yellow Rooster Wall Art Decor For Royal-Blue Kitchen
Royal blue and white kitchen with the yellow canvas print

The expedition into rooster wall art for the kitchen in blue shades concludes here. If you like the ideas, check out the wall decor by KBM D3signs. If you require a custom design, please contact us.

And we love reviews and feedback. So please come back and let us know in word and image about your wall decorating story.