Duvet and Cushion Cover – Review

The print is clear and as intended, the colors are shades of peach and orange to a dark peach color. The print stays true in time of use.

Bed of Roses, Cushion and Duvet Cover

The material is great easy to wash fast to dry and crinkle free for all that have a special affinity to ironing.

Worth Spreading

Coastal Decor, In Harmony With The Colors Of The Sea

A bedroom decor within the coastal decor theme that keeps in harmony with the ‘Colors Of The Sea‘. The duvet cover and the throw pillow reflect beautifully to mood set by the art print ‘Beach Brunch‘.

An oyster-catcher indulging in the gifts the sea swept ashore becomes the focal point. True to the theme the dominating colors are shades of turquoise, steal grey, orange, red-orange against the blush colored sand. Continue reading “Coastal Decor, In Harmony With The Colors Of The Sea”

Worth Spreading