Ocean Blue, A Treasure Of The Sea Inspires This Running Outfit

Ocean Blue is a design pattern inspired by exuberant shades of turquoise reflected on rolling waves in the heat of the afternoon sun.

Imitating a wave, the print pattern consists of spirals that fan out. Multiple strings of dots zoomed in large to roll-on in spiral movement into one point.   Every dotted circular movement shows a different sea blue shade and overlaps with the previous one. A dynamic and fresh design is the outcome, that captures the energy and azure colors of waves powerfully rolling ashore.

The design is part of a design series called ‘Colors Of The Sea’.

Running At The Beach, Picks-Up On The Energy Of Rolling Waves

The energy and coloration of a sunny beach scene inspired the mood-board ‘Running At The Beach’ .  The set features uni-colored running short in dark turquoise. Meanwhile the running top shows-off the brilliant and energetic design ‘Ocean Blue’. Therefore, please visit  our collection at ArtOfWhere you will find both items there among leggins and  summer dresses.

However, you have a fondness for the design and would like to inquire about color adjustments?  Please use the contact form.

By interest to learn more about the idea behind and the design series click through to ‘Colors of the Sea‘? Once there, take the chance to learn about design idea origins and get plenty of styling ideas. Ideas come in form of mood boards using the design in home and fashion sets.