Brown Wedding Invitation

The brown wedding invitation promotes a delicate lace imitation. Do you seek a different color? Then, color it your way by modifying the background.


Delicate Lace Imitation Decorates Vintage Style Brown Wedding Stationery

The brown wedding invitation complements well a bohemian or vintage style wedding event.

If you are attracted to the lighter colors, then the design works well. Whenever possible, KBM D3signs creates designs that allow the couple to use their color. As a result, your coloration and white will appear. How, this possible you ask?

Due to the burn-out effect, we apply to the design any selected color fills the burned-out design pattern. Please remember then to adjust the parts of the text that shows a matching color to the background. As a result, the revised product reveals a color combination consisting of a tone close to black and the selected color.

For question about an additional product and design customization please send us a note.

Are You Ready To Start Planning Your Special Day?

Find Free Tools To Start:

A great first place to visit is our Plan to Wed board on Pinterest. Pinterest is an inspiring place to brainstorm ideas and become clear about what your wedding day could be.

Also, the KBM D3signs team created a set of resources to help you with your wedding planning step by step.

For a starter, find a wedding planning checklist with an initial timeline. Then there is a budget template that ensures you stay on track with your wedding event expenses. Using a budget is great to set your life together out to a good start. And for your wedding day, there is a last-minute wedding preparation tool. A vendor call list will give both the bride and groom peace of mind when handing over the coordination of the wedding ceremony and reception.

If you believe them helpful, then download them in their printable pdf format. Alternatively, make a copy to your Google Drive. Use the documents to start with and adjust them as you progress in planning your wedding.