Lady Bug Birthday Party Invitation For A 1-Year-Old

The lady bug birthday party invitation for a 1-year-old shows the complementary colors red and green of the color wheel. Symbols featured in the design are a ladybug and clover leaves.

It makes a cute spring birthday theme and ranks high under the 1st birthday party ideas.

Lady Bug Party Invitation & Decorations

Lady Bug Birthday Party Invitation In Red And Green
Lady Bug Birthday Party Invitation

On a black-dotted red background, mimicking a lady bug, clover leaves serve as a frame and writing field for the customizable invitation text.

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Red Business Cards For Diverse Professions

Red business cards for nine diverse service businesses with designs by KBM D3signs give you a professional first impression, yet using a business card template.

Each business card in red has a profession-related symbol, a QR code, contact, and social details. Further, all call cards come in the standard business card size of 3.5″ x 2.0″.

1. Professional Home Cleaning Service

This professional home cleaning business card comes in maroon-red and white.

Format: Landscape
Social networking icons: Facebook
Symbol: Stylized broom silhouette

Cleaning Service Business Card in red with symbol and QR code
Cleaning Service Business Card

Update the placeholders:


Text template:  Replace name, service, phone, email, web address, and Facebook handle.

Service details: Describe your services in 5 key points
QR code: Enter a call to action link and text invitation

Find an alternative stylish cleaning service business card in blue and white, with the design – Spotless burst – by following the link to the blue cleaner marketing suit. It helps a cleaner business start and prepares for the coming year. The collection holds business cards and matching offline marketing items and covers rack cards, car magnets, and other office items and merchandise. It also includes accessories to Thank for business or wish a Merry Christmas.

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Art-Themed Birthday Party For Kids

The art-themed Birthday party invitation for kids and its accessories in red color show an artistic abstract paint splash to support the kid’s party theme. 

All theme-matching party supplies are part of a collection containing birthday invitations and party decorations, paper party table supplies, and art party favors.

Art Party Invitation

Art Birthday Party accessories for kids in red
Art Birthday Party Invitation

Red artistic paint splashes make a fun promising party theme with the intent of getting colorful and creative.

There the party invitation design stands out with shaded splashes. One dominant splash houses all party details, such as who, when, and where.

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Life Coach Business Card With A Photo And Marketing Items In Red And Grey

Choose a Life Coach business card with a photo that all in all works best for the information your target customer seeks. For the most part, business cards share contact details. Then use them to share what the service is about. Also where to find out more, or even get a taste of the service provided are important information to convey.

Altogether, KBM D3signs prepared landscape, portrait, folded, and a magnetic biz card. Each card template allows you to add a profile photo, ideally a black and white cover photo, and text easily to the template with further customization possible.

Life Coach Business Card With Photo
Why use a business card with a photo? 5 Reasons

1. A photo assists in visually recollecting to whom the business card connects. 
2. Many small businesses build their brand around a single person.
3. Being recognized gives a competitive edge in some fields.
4. Professional profile photos support an excellent first impression.
5. It allows sharing about you or your business by choosing a custom background.

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Famous Claude Monet Art Meets Pillows In Red

Famous Claude Monet art meets pillows in red by KBM D3signs. Nine artworks by the painter pair up with various red throw pillows to decorate modern living rooms. 

Nine decoration examples range from sophisticated, modern to feminine, classic, and young and energetic. Each features a different artwork by the impressionist artist with a unique pillow pattern design by KBM D3signs.

Nine Claude Monet Art Prints

Water Lily Pond 

  • Water Lily Pond (different light study) 
  • Houses Of Parliament
  • Poplars In The Sun
  • Woman With Parasol
  • Paris On National Day
  • Impression, Sunrise
  • Red Chrysanthemum
  • Poppy Field

Who Is Claude Monet?

Claude Oscar Monet is a famous French artist, born 14 November 1840 in Paris. He died on the 5fifth December in 1926 of lung cancer in Giverny, Normandy. 

As a student of Charles Gleyre where he met Renoir, Bazille, and Sisley. Their exploration of light outdoors initiated the impressionist movement. Plein-air landscape painting, in particular, series of the same motif under the influence of the seasons and changing light became a theme in many of the artist’s work. 

The Water Lily Pond is one example that served as a motif to studying the influences of light and season.

Water Lily Pond

Water Lily Pond By Claude Monet And Pillows In Red With Leaves Pattern
Water Lily Pond By Claude Monet And Pillows In Red

Sophistication in a living room showcases in this example of subdued hues in red and green. It is a beautiful environment for the Water Lily Pond. Added throw pillows in red with a stylized leaves pattern are for comfort and accent.

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Rocks With Mountain Art Print By Michael Smither

Michael Smither is the painter of Rocks With Mountain art print. Smither is a well known contemporary New Zealand artist.

The print favors hues in grey and blue with a balancing element in red. An unusual perspective portraits Mount Taranaki which leads the observer’s eye from a front-centered close-up view of rounded rocks surrounding a waterhole becoming smaller and smaller towards the distant horizon. There a red tractor stops the eye before it wanders to the snow-capped Mt. Taranaki.The Mountain peaks proudly into a cloudless blue sky.

Rocks With Mountain By NewZealand Artist Michael Smither decorating a living-room cornerwith a blue armchair and two pink throw pillows showing a fragmented circle pattern
Rocks with Mountain by Michael Smither, accented with two red cushions

It is a popular non-limited print edition that beautifully celebrates the different textures that come together. There is the distinct smooth round shape of the pebbles and the clear transparent and insubstantial element of the water bordered by rounded stones. Then there is the snowy mountain top breaking through the clearness of the sky. Using the size of the pebbles in the front the same size as the red tractor that appears in the distance, the artist masterfully creates the impression of vastness and resulting in a landscape with depth.

Mount Taranaki has two official names. The second name is Mount Egmont. It is a dormant volcano in the Taranaki Region on the West Coast of New Zealand’s North Island.

Here, the red color splash of the print finds reflection in the home decor. Two throw pillows in shades of the faint red of the tractor decorate a blue armchair. Both display a fragmented circle pattern.

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Red Throw Pillows Printed With A Square Spiral Pattern To Decorate A Modern Living Room

Red throw pillows are the focal point of our exploration.

The dark red pillows show a square spiral repeat pattern print, a print in black, white, or shades of each. Using shades of black or white to define the pattern results in a monochrome pillow print in the color of choice. With this, any existing color scheme finds accommodation.

That leads to a series of mood boards exploring color and style. Find on mood boards seven styling inspirations assembled. With the variation in shading and pattern size amenability, the red pillows combine with the colors yellow, turquoise, brown, blue, green, grey, and black.

Seven Eye-catching Dark Red Pillow Alliances

Red and white throw pillows with spiral square pattern
Red and White Throw Pillows With Nested Square Pattern

First up in the presentation is a stunning red and white pillow pair on an elegant, clear-lined mat black camelback sofa.

The Glowing Colors of an African Sunset Room

The Sunset Room mood-board takes inspiration from the glowing colors of an African sunset.

The Glowing Colors of an African Sunset Room
The Glowing Colors of an African Sunset

A deep yellow sofa is the vibrant focal point . The sofa seats three and shows black edging accents. Furnishings go hand in hand with the African theme. First there is a deep wooden coffee table that is decorated with traditional African carvings. Next there is an African sculptured  side table.

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