Brown and Blue Pillows

Brown and blue pillows are the focus here. And form the center point of the following living room decor ideas. 

The blue and brown hues vary, and so do the pattern designs. A fact, that makes accessorizing a wide range of styles possible. With this, a wide selection of living room styles finds suitable surface pattern designs. Should the color not match the purpose then modify the fill color. 

Each decorative pillow pair is part of an extensive home decor collection. Following the link after each example will direct you to the complete collection. Within find accessories in ten colorations in addition to black and white. Generally, each pattern design idea comes in multiple pattern sizes. Furthermore, all throw pillow designs by KBM D3signs allow you to modify the fill color. Consequently, the patterns appear either lightened or subdued.

The collection includes square, round and oblong pillows, comforters round and cubed, and blankets.

Pillow Pattern Designs

  • Geometric Print
  • Pixelated
  • Typographic Love Pattern
  • Stripes and Checker  
  • Waves
  • Nested Spiral Box

Brown and Blue Pillows On Page Two

  • Layer
  • Triangle
  • Nested Box
  • African inspired
  • Stripes and Checker
  • Wave
Art print Beach Umbrellas by Lincoln Seligman and one grey and one blue pillow with nested box pattern by KBM D3signs
Nested Corners Patterned Pillows

Geometric Print

Four nested corners meet at the center point and create a geometric pattern. In the example, the pillows accessorize a rattan armchair and complement an art print – Beach Umbrellas – by Lincoln Seligman.

Angular Pattern Decor →

Pixel Pattern Pillows


Multi-shaded square tiles convey a pixelated impression. Here the pillow pair accents a traditional style armchair and complement Moroccan wall decor.

Pixel Pattern Decor →

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Green And Blue Pillows Paired With Nature Photo Prints

Green and blue pillows with various patterns by KBM D3signs complement nature photographs by several photographers.

Nine living room decorations show ideas on how to transform a living room with little effort. Accomplish this through a simple change in wall decor, wall coloration, and selection in accent pillows. Each example results in an atmosphere change. Adjectives to describe the outcome include distinction, playfulness, modern, traditional, minimal, ethnic.

Nature Photography Print Wall Decor Complemented By Green And Blue Pillows

  1. Close up of a succulent plant rosette
  2. Texan McAllen bird from the Rio Grande Valley
  3. Bamboo close-up
  4. Proud peacock with wheel
  5. Delicate dragonfly
  6. The landscape of the White River National Forest
  7. A hummingbird with a red hibiscus blossom
  8. Single dandelion seed-ball
  9. The landscape of the Glacier National Park

Succulent Rosette Close-Up And Circle Patterned Pillows

Succulent Wall Decor And Green And Blue Circle Patterned Pillow
Succulent Wall Decor And Circle Patterned Pillow

A beautiful succulent rosette close-up photography decorates the cool green wall. The couch shows throw pillows with a nested circle pattern that assumes an ethnic appearance.

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Edvard Munch Art Meets Pillows In Blue And Orange

Renowned Edvard Munch art meets pillows in blue and orange by KBMD3signs. Various patterned pillows embellish living room decor with the focus on nine artworks by the expressionist painter. 

Nine Edvard Munch Art Prints

  • Landscape Of Krogero
  • Vampire
  • Girls Picking Apples
  • Madonna 2
  • The Scream
  • The Yellow Log
  • The Voice, Summer Night
  • The Sun
  • Shore With Red House

About the Norwegian Painter Edvard Munch

The Norwegian painter Edvard Munch was born in Adalsbruk, Loten, Norway, in 1863 on the 12th, of December. Aged 80, the artist died in Oslo on January 23 in 1944. 

As a well-known expressionist, his painting The scream reached internationally iconic status. 

“In my art, I attempt to explain life and its meaning to myself.”

Entry in Edvard Munch’s Diary

Landscape Of Kragero, 1912

Landscape Of Kragero Log by Edvard Munch art print meets pillows with jagged pattern in orange and blue
Landscape Of Kragero by Edvard Munch art print meets pillows

An energetic art print, Landscape Of Kragero by Edvard Munch, brings the scene to life in coral and turquoise blue with grass-green sloping hills. The modern and friendly wall decor complements a pair of throw pillows with a jagged pattern in blue and orange.

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Beyond The Cascade Art Print By Diane Adams

Diane Adams is the painter of Beyond The Cascade art print. Adams is a well known contemporary New Zealand artist.

Hues in mud-brown, moss-green, and grey-blue dominate the print. Here, a landscape in the Southern Alps unfolds. Cabbage trees break up the front of the mountainous scene. And the cascade follows a meandering stream that leads the viewer towards the snow-capped Southern Alps at the horizon. The overcast sky takes the chance that the sun can light up the landscape’s dull coloration. 

Beyond The Cascade is a new release by the artist, who loves hiking and gains her inspiration from her excursions. Many of her better-known prints are testimony to her passion for the beauty of New Zealand.

Beyond The Cascade By NewZealand Artist Diane Adams decorating a living-room corner with a grey armchair and two throw pillows in blue and green showing a stripes and checkers pattern
Beyond the Cascade by Diana Adams, accented with a blue and green cushions

The living room shows the art print Beyond the Cascades on the wall behind a grey armchair. Meanwhile, a green and blue pillow, with stripes and checkers surface pattern, accessorize the space. The accent pillows respond to the dominant colors of the art print.

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Good Day At The Bay Designer Print And Brown And Blue Cushions

Good Day At The Bay is a designer print title by Greg Straight.

Greg is a New Zealand artist who has a keen interest in the surfing sport. And one of his favorite surfing beaches is Maori Bay. The small bay borders Muriwai on the West Coast in Auckland. Therefore it is natural that the sea theme carries over into his artwork.

Crisp, clean lines are a signature of his artwork. The print uses two colors and shades of each that is blue and brown.

Good Day At The Bay by Michael Straight with a brown and a blue throw pillow
Good Day At The Bay by Greg Straight, accented with a brown and blue cushion

Here, the blue and brown theme finds reflection in the home decor accessories of the throw pillows. One appears in shades of brown, and the second one appears in shades of blue. Both enjoy a bold striped wave pattern accenting a light grey armchair in the white-colored living room.

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Medium-Blue Throw Pillows Set Accents To A Special Place In Your Living-room

Setting accents with medium-blue throw pillows that show the same seamless pattern each with a twist is the focus of this post.

Generally, the bolsters exhibit the wave pattern from four angles in addition to the differentiation to pair the blue color with white, black, or shades of each. The color blue is fantastic on its own as well as to combine with a yellow colored pillow, green pillow, grey pillow, light brown pillow, red pillow, or orange pillow.

Scroll through the post to review examples of the color compositions.

Four Different Angles Of A Seamless Wave Pattern Placed Each On A Blue Background

blue pillows, blue and black pillow, blue and white pillow
Blue Throw Pillows With A Wave Pattern

The above presents a wave pattern from four angles. Each angle is available with a color of your choice paired with white, black, or shades of each.

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Tangaroa – Art Print Meets Blue And Green Pillows

Blue and green pillows complement the art print Tangaroa. Tangaroa is a color-explosive art print by New Zealand artist Rob McGregor. The artwork depicts the god of the sea Tangaroa. According to Maori believe the sea is connected to the beginning of life.

Tangaroa Linked with Blue and Lime Home Decor

Here on this living room mood board three pillows with a fragmented circular pattern in blue, lime green, and turquoise accent the couch.

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Fresh Geometric Repeat Pattern Templates Meet Artworks By New Zealand Artists

Decorating ideas using a fresh geometric repeat pattern template and add a pillow color of your choice. Then take the chance and match the home decor with artworks by one of New Zealand’s contemporary artists.

blue and orange, squares and circles
Blue and Orange, Squares and Circles Design

Styling Ideas and Color Combinations

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