Wave Haven Raglan – Screenprint by Tony Ogle – Art Meets Pillows – Pink and Green Pillows

Under the series – Art Meets Pillows – Wave Haven, Raglan is a screenprint by Tony Ogle and complemented by two pillows. One pillow in pink and the second in green. In both cases, the throw pillows display the ripple pattern.

The pillow surface pattern simulates the regular surf rolling towards the coastline, as depicted in the screenprint.

Art Meets Pillows - Wave Haven Raglan by Tony Ogle - Pink and Green Pillows with Ripple Pattern
Art Meets Pillows – Wave Haven Raglan by Tony Ogle – Pink and Green Pillows with Ripple Pattern

What is noteworthy about Wave Haven Raglan screenprint?

The numbered and signed screenprint shows a peaceful evening view where the observer experiences the sight of the surfer standing on the deck and enjoying the evening spectacle. Also, the scene includes a small single batch in grey-blue with pink accents. Green bush stretches on both sides of the building with an open view towards the sea. There evenly rolling turquoise green surf reaches the beach with a white crown. Meanwhile, the evening sky reflects its pink and blue hues in the distant water. 

It is a peaceful scene that stands out in the mix of colors used that are so descriptive to New Zealand’s West Coast.

Raglan is a tourist destination that is famed for an active holiday filled with lots of outdoor activities such as surfing, horse riding, tracking, and kayaking.

Remarkable details about the artist, Tony Ogle

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Pink Throw Pillows – Stylish Rose Surface Print

Pink throw pillows are at the heart of the feminine living room decor exploration. Here playful styling examples around color combination with pink find their spotlight. Color blends for the styling examples are pink and grey, pink and orange, pink and green, pink and yellow, and pink and blue. In this instance, floral pillows showing a single monochrome rose are the styling props.

Furthermore, the flower pattern displays in hues subdued by shades of black on less saturated colors and more intensely saturated colors lightened by white.

Pink pillows with a single rose pattern
Pink Throw Pillows With Rose Pattern

Subsequently, there are ten pale and ten intensely saturated colors in the rose pattern collection. Among the colors to point out are pink, grey, orange, green, yellow, and blue. Whereas colors that are not paired up with pink include brown, red, turquoise, and purple.

Published products comprise square pillows, lumbar pillows, round pillows, cubes, and round poufs and blankets.

Lastly, if the pattern finds your favor, and the coloration is off for your existing home decoration or your new make-over project. Choose the pattern design and color to color it your way by personalizing the fill color.

Six decoration ideas using the same modern couch and pink throw pillows

In the following six decorating examples, KBM D3signs focuses, in fact, on exploring color combinations with pink pillows using the same white couch in off-white with charcoal armrests.

Pink Purple Orange A Colorful & Innovative Decor

A pink, purple, and orange decor is a colorful and innovative decor solution to emphasize this captivating landscape print. Called ‘Brightwater’, it is an art print by Leah Spicer and available at prints.co.nz.

The artist zooms in on a dense blossom blanket that cascades into a summer-dried pale orange-brown flatland. Finally, green hills re-collect a sweeping gaze.

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City Living In Radiant Pink And Orange With Modern Butterfly Accents

Young city living with radiant pink and orange in tandem with a Monarch butterfly poster and abstract accent pillows. In line with the Monarch butterfly theme, the throw pillows show a color-customizable abstract wing design.

City Living

Playful Pink And Orange City Living

In the above case, bright orange and pink are generously surrounded by white spaces and contrast dense city living. A vivid decor that partners with the Monarch Butterfly photo print, a coaster, and a set of color-matching throw pillows. In this styling idea, we took advantage to replace the orange background color of one throw pillow with deep pink. This allowed matching a tone in the modern area rug. View the Monarch butterfly design collection for the living room.


8 Ideas of Interior Living Environs

The eight decor ideas for living environs explore the versatility of the Monarch butterfly design.

  1. Flowing Indoor – Outdoor Living
  2. Minimalist Living in Earthen Tones
  3. Patio Living
  4. Industrial Loft
  5. City Living
  6. Suburban Living
  7. Cottage Living
  8. Spacious Loft